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Kneeling on Broken Glass

In the heart of struggle, amidst the shards of life's trials, "KNEELING ON BROKEN GLASS: The Chronicles of Ezekiel’s Riders" unveils a journey of faith, courage, and divine calling. Follow the footsteps of a dedicated group of chaplains, the Ezekiel Riders, as they traverse the globe, guided by the Holy Spirit, to deliver a message of hope and redemption. Through their trials and triumphs, discover the transformative power of serving others and the profound impact of living a life in unwavering commitment to the Great Commission.

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Be Moved, to Be Moved

From Brokenness to Blessing: A True Story of Faith's Transformative Power

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About the Authors

About the Authors: Joseph Palumbo and William Hodge bring a lifetime of ministry and service to the forefront in their inspiring collaboration. With decades of experience in chaplaincy, street ministry, and spiritual mentorship, they share their journey with an authenticity that resonates with believers and seekers alike. From military service to founding ministry initiatives, their diverse paths converge in a shared mission that has touched lives around the world.

Joseph Palumbo

Author: Chaplain

Joseph Palumbo is a devoted servant leader, a veteran of both faith and nation, whose life exemplifies the very essence of the Great Commission. As a guiding light in “Great Commission United,” he has been instrumental in fulfilling the global call to discipleship through acts of service and comprehensive discipleship training. Joseph’s journey as a chaplain and instructor is marked by his unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel and fostering spiritual growth across continents.

With a heart for the marginalized, Joseph has dedicated over five decades to street ministry, touching lives on sidewalks and alleyways where hope seems distant. He has embarked on numerous missions, tirelessly teaching classes and sharing the transformative stories that echo the themes of service and redemption found in his contributions to the book “Ezekiel Riders.”

A former U.S. Military Police officer stationed in Korea, his discipline and sense of duty have been the bedrock of his ministry. After his years in the army, Joseph founded a coffee shop ministry, a refuge for those battling addiction and homelessness, offering not just sustenance but also clothing, blankets, showers, and the warmth of God’s love.

Joseph’s expertise extends to educating others about the impacts of drugs, equipping a new generation of ministers with the knowledge to effectively aid those ensnared by substance abuse. His academic credentials include an Associate Degree in Biblical Literature from William Tyndale College, reflecting his deep scholarly engagement with the Word.

Family life for Joseph is a vibrant tapestry of love and compassion. He and his family have opened their hearts and home, adopting five children, two from Korea, including a special needs adoption, exemplifying unconditional love. Their home was a sanctuary for the “Heal the Children” program, where they housed and cared for children from various countries, providing medical care and nurturing.

Joseph’s commitment extended to fostering children from families in need, a testament to his and his family’s selfless dedication. His life’s work is a beacon of hope and service, inspiring all who walk the path of faith alongside him.


Joseph Palumbo

William T Hodge

Author: Chaplain

William Hodge’s journey from Lansing, Michigan, to becoming a beacon of hope and restoration across the globe is a testament to the transformative power of faith and obedience. Born in 1963, William’s life was forever changed at nine years old when he encountered Jesus in a moment of dire need, promising him protection and purpose. This divine intervention set William on a lifelong mission to spread the message of salvation and healing.

Pursuing a childhood dream, William ventured to Florida at 18 to join the Manatee County Police Academy, embarking on a career in law enforcement that would lay the foundation for his leadership and service. His commitment to community and safety was recognized with accolades, including the NAACP Man of the Year award in 1985 and a similar honor from the local Sertoma Club.

William’s service extended beyond law enforcement; he was a cherished youth leader, Christian radio DJ, and sports coach, deeply involved in nurturing young lives. His return to Michigan marked a new chapter, where real estate and aquatics instruction were among his endeavors. However, his heart remained with those on the margins of society.

In 1997, William founded a simple yet profound street ministry known as the “prayer booth,” marking the beginning of his focused ministry work. By 1999, he was ordained as a pastor and established Good Tree Ministry, initiating a chaplaincy program that would grow to have a global impact.

William’s authorship of “Repairer of the Breach” and various chaplaincy manuals underscores his commitment to teaching and healing. His ministry has touched lives in the U.S., U.K., Africa, and Israel, reclaiming territories for God’s kingdom.

Recognized as an apostle, William is driven by a powerful mandate from the Holy Spirit to raise an army of believers, particularly those overlooked by society, nurturing them into forces of spiritual change. Today, as the president and founder of Great Commission United Chaplaincy and Discipleship Academy, he continues to lead by faith, impacting lives worldwide.

William Hodge’s life is a living testimony to the power of divine calling and the impact one individual can have when they surrender to a higher purpose.


William T Hodge

What our Readers Say

We are creating a movement of call to action

"KNEELING ON BROKEN GLASS" is a compelling call to action, weaving powerful stories of faith into a blueprint for spiritual service. Joseph Palumbo and William Hodge invite readers into a transformative journey that challenges and inspires at every turn.

Profile shot of a handsome bearded man
Jeff P. Richmond, VA

Through vivid narratives, "KNEELING ON BROKEN GLASS" showcases the impact of steadfast faith and service across the globe. Palumbo and Hodge's journey is a testament to the life-changing power of dedication and love.

Close up profile of woman in sitting room
Heather B. Orlando FL

This book stands as a profound testament to the healing and unifying power of faith in action. "KNEELING ON BROKEN GLASS" offers readers a heart-stirring glimpse into the mission and spirit of the Ezekiel Riders, inspiring a path of love and service.

Profile of a young man
Abrahan R. Detroit, MI

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